Kaya means the body.

Our body consists of inner and outer organs. We need good foods to take care of them. The stronger inner, the better look Kaya. At Kaya, we serve spicy menus from Every Part of Thailand and Northeast recipes. We use only quality materials to give you the original taste. You can choose the spicy level you like.

The pickled fish we use must be clean, aromatic and tasty. We also use local vegetables for your better health.

10 benefits from spicy foods:

✣ Spices can restrain inflammation ✣
✣ Help to loos you weight by increase your metabolic rate ✣
✣ Good for you heart from dissolving your blood clots ✣
✣ Capsaicin in chilies can suppress cancer cell growing ✣
✣ All spicy foods are good for your digestive system ✣
✣ Relieve fever, clear your respiratory tract ✣
✣ Longer life with spicy foods ✣
✣ Better for your brain by reduce stress and improve your memory ✣
✣ Relieve pain ✣
✣ Prevent diabetes ✣
Source: nuturalfoodseries


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